Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diaspora* Picture Share Bookmarklet

For those wanting an alternative to that can work on any pretty much any browser here are some bookmarklets for your use. It is a modified version of the Diaspora* Share bookmarklet but this one will create a Markdown embed image for your post automatically. The icon on your Bookmark toolbar will appear identically to the standard Diaspora* Share Link so I would recommend editing it and giving it some title like "D* Image Share" to differentiate it.

Below is the list of links for each pod. Locate your pod and drag the link up to your Bookmarks toolbar.

To use:

Be sure you have ONLY the image on the browser tab you are on. You can do this by right-clicking on an image in a web page and choose "Open Image In New Tab/View Image" (or some variation on that wording).

Once you are on the browser tab with only the image on the screen, click the D* Image Share bookmarklet you created earlier and it will open up a Share window with Markdown already made to embed the image, I don't recommend modifying the Markdown code unless you understand it. You can definitely add hashtags and any other text you like below it though (unlike

There is a slight aesthetic issue of a "bullet" character appearing near the image on your post. I can't change that as it pulls from the original Diaspora Sharing Page that I can't modify. If you are CAREFUL you can remove the hyphen from the beginning of the markdown text to remedy this for that post.

I do not have an account on every pod to test this bookmarklet. If it does not function though for you, unfortunately it is something specific to your pod that I won't be able to overcome.

A big thanks to Tony Baldwin for enlightening me that it is possible to use this on more than just the pod. He has a version of this bookmarklet that include a hyperlink to the original image. It is set up for but can be modified to your pod. His version is at


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  2. I am using this now, but edited it to post to (the pod I'm on).

    I'm going to look at editing it further, to include something like

    [click for full-size](url to original image) or something. I have no realy javascript fu, but I can probably figure that out.

  3. Okay, I edited it so that does as described above, embeds the image, and below gives a text link to the original.

    I pasted the code to pastebin here:

    Note, mine is configured to post to poddery, not diasp. (that part is easy to change).

  4. Glad to see someone improving it. Unfortunately, when I tried to use the version you made (of course modifying it to it just brings up a blank popup.

  5. Weird. It's working for me.

    I am, btw.

  6. Ahhh, silly me. I was using a Google Images result and the url was far too long. I like the url thing. I wonder if these bookmarklets exist for every pod?

  7. You don't happen to have any ideas on the "bullet" thing do you?

    I'm not really a javascript guru either. I just learn on the fly and patch things together to accomplish what I am going for.

  8. The bullet is from the hyphen at the beginning of the text - once that is removed, the bullet is gone.

  9. meh - the dash is being added by the bookmarklet, not the js, ignore my post :S

  10. Thank you guys !
    I did a slight modification to put the link on the image itself.

  11. Nice! I couldn't figure out how to do that. You are missing a "k" in click.